Mattias Härenstam


Birchtree, rope, electric motor and steel railing, 2017. Dimensions variable.



 Oak and rope, 2016. 160 x 35 x 40 cm. Oslo Municipal Art Collection



Granite, 2016. 95 x 105 x 70 cm. Oslo Municipal Art Collection.



Oak, 2016. Height 560 cm.


Weaknesses, Secrets, Lies I (Leak)

Gneiss and white marble, 2016. 120 x 65 x 60 cm. Oslo Municipal Art Collection.


Weaknesses, Secrets, Lies II (Hidden)

Gneiss and black limestone, 2016. 80 x 70 x 85 cm. Oslo Municipal Art Collection.


The Forgotten One

Oak, 2016. Height: Appr. 280 cm.



Sketch for a reanimation IV (...nothing, nothing at all)

Oak and rope, 2014. Appr. 170 cm long.


Sketch for a reanimation II (...that door is almost always closed)

Oak, rope and hair, 2013. Appr. 260 cm long.


Sketch for a reanimation I (...everything is different now, but it still feels the same), 2013

Aspenwood, oak, rope and hair, 2013. Appr. 190 x 110 x 30 cm.


Fear of failure

Tree, rope, block and tackle, 2012. Variable dimensions.


My mistake

Lindenwood, chair and twig, 2012. Height: 230 cm.


In spite of it all

Lindenwood, roots, lamp and hair, 2012. Height: 320 cm. The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo.



Not a single sound

Lindenwood and twigs, 2012. Height: 290 cm. Virserums Konsthall, Sweden.



I know you are there

Pine- and black locustwood, lamp, hair, branches and chandelier crystals, 2012. Height: 375 cm.



Cannibalistic Solitude

Oak root mounted in the ceiling, lamps, chandelier crystals, tufts of human hair and an oriental carpet, 2011. Approx. 230 cm in diameter.


The Diary of the Unknown Consumer

Corridor of wooden panels covered with carved bas-reliefs, 2008. Inner dimensions (width x height x length): 120 x 210 x 610 cm.
Stavanger Art Museum