Mattias Härenstam

What once was dead, Langøyene

Group of eight sculptures. Stainless - and corten steel, 2023. 
Varying heights from 60 - 710 cm.
Permanently installed at Langøyene.
Commissioned by Oslo Municipal Art Collection.


Splashes from the Grail, Uppsala

Wood sculpture with light, 2021.


Burning Hearts, Ås

Group of seven hanging sculptures with internal light. Burned oak, steel and light. 2021. 
160 - 230 cm long.
Commissioned by Viken Fylkeskommune for the cantine of Ås High School.


Bergen University Museum

Two large scale wood sculptures, 2019. 


The Red Door, Bardufoss

CNC -carved relieffs in the wooden panel walls inside the building. Stone sculpture (Gneiss and brass, height: 80 cm) in front of the building. 2018.
Commissioned by Troms Fylkeskommune for Bardufoss New High School. 


Sunnaas Hospital, Nesodden

A series of six woodcuts, 2017.


Pilgrim, Trondheim

Bronze sculpture, 2016.